For today’s post I’ve prepared a new sexy gallery for you. No, this time I’ve never met these girls – just surfed on the internet and my eye caught this one by chance. I simply found these hot lesbians to be very interesting and seductive and decided to post to my blog. Just look at them – sweet sexy asses and slim figures. Look how they lick each other, working with their hot flexible tongues! They take the 69 pose and continue sticking their tongues into each other’s snatch. Want them to use toys? You got it! Watch them thrust a long red dildo into their tight twats and moan from pain mixed with excitement! These ladies are worth a hungry look, I tell ya!

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Recently I’ve worked with a hot brunette Lisa, who had to act in a wild threesome photo session. While I removed glitter from her body with powder, we talked a little, and she turned out to be a nice playful lady. But that fact won’t prevent me from publishing her naked photos, so behold! A threesome orgy starring Lisa and her two girlfriends – blonde Monica and chestnut head Tina. The girls really have fun out there – they kiss each other, work with their tiny tongues to lick each other’s pussies up, tease their twats with their fingers and scream from excitement. Yes, naturally scream. I’ve got too close during the session and one of them nearly made me deaf 🙂 Joking, of course.

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This Russian girl came to our country to work at “Au Pair” program as a babysitter, but soon was offered to pose for a couple of erotic magazines and soon qualified as one of the hottest young models from abroad. And her sweet naked body passed my hands, too. Yes, I had to make-up her pretty young face, her slender waist and round tits. Oh, I wish I could do more! Her seductive plump lips beg for a kiss, and her wet pussy nearly screams: “lick me, bite me, tease me!” Wow, that girl really shook my world! You can admire her light blonde braided hair, her tight ass and her pussy being teased by a dildo in an erotic gallery which I give to you. Good luck!

February 11, 2010 · Posted in Seductive blondes  

Lately I’ve been doing some make-up for a lesbian pair – Nomi and Mina. They turned out to be a pair of quite seductive brunettes with stunning bodies. Man, I would love to play with those sweet grils, but – had to hold myself and do my job. I’ve prepared them for their session in no time, and they went posing. Oh, how they caressed each other’s soft boobs and tight asses! One of them teased her partner’s pussy with her tricky tongue, and she moaned from pleasure. These two lesbians were naturally wild – having no rest after oral job, they pulled in a dildo and continued their lesbian sex. Hot, very hot gallery I’ve got! Wanna see it? You’re welcome!

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